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2TB Hard Disk Drive

2TB Hard Disk Drive

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Here is only the 2TB HDD with the game system and games.

Tip: Before buying this hard drive, please check whether you understand computers and have professional computer knowledge.

Whether the game runs smoothly depends on the configuration of your computer. It has nothing to do with the hard disk itself. Hope you could understand.

Built-in 120000+ games

Pre-installed 80 game collections and emulators, built-in 120000 games,including 5000+3D games, can perfectly run PS2/ PS3/WII/WIIU/Sega Saturn/PS1/N64/DC etc, If you want more games, you can also add your own games.

Plug and Play, No Driver Needed

Notice: This hard drive will only work with X86 hardware (32bit or 64bit), any ARM-based device (Windows Surface series, Mac with power pc CPU or M1 CPU) will not work. The BIOS interface and options may vary on your device as manufacturers may adopt unique BIOS or UEFI systems

Fast Transmission Speed

USB 3.0 Interface, fast transmission speed

Widely Compatible

Widely compatible, plug and play, Compatible with Windows / Mac OS / Linux operating system, suitable for PC, laptop, smart TV, car audio and digital playback equipment.

Warm Reminder

By choosing the Hard Drive in the boot override option, your PC will boot into Batocera for once, after restarting it will get back to your own operating system. If you’d like Batocera as the default booting option, go to the Boot page and set the portable hard drive as Boot Option #1.

If the following questions cannot solve your problem, you can contact our customer service staff in time, and we will generally reply to you within 12 hours. If it is very urgent, you can send us more information. We are all very willing to help you.

Dear friend, if you are dissatisfied with the product, we support 30 days for no reason to return the product, so you can rest assured to purchase

How to check hard disk capacity?

1. Enter the game system

2. Press the "start" key to enter the main menu to find the system settings

3. Select the "Information" option and click to enter

4. Then you can see system disk usage

Tips: Since the game system of the hard disk is a Linux system file, the game partition can not be seen under the Windows system, you can enter the game system to check.


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