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Betop Wired White Controller

Betop Wired White Controller

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【Type】: Gamepad
【Model】: BTP-BD2E
【Interface】: USB
【Connection method】: wired connection
【Package weight】: 0.35 kg
【Commodity size】: 156*102*60 mm
【Packing List】 Handle*1, Warranty Card*1, Electronic Manual*1

Plug and play No driver required

Support multiple platforms,Computer/TV/Game console/Multiple emulators.

Betop D2E wired controller gampad

Betop D2E is suitable for wired controllers for living room games and TV computer games. Simple operation, plug and play, suitable for PC, smart TV, PS3 and other devices, the handle natively supports the STEAM platform, plug and play without a driver, the handle can be connected to the computer to play. The handle grip has a built-in large and small vibration motor, and the delicate vibration feedback makes the game fun.

Enhanced 3D double vibration motor

A variety of shocks, simulated game scenes, and immersive.

Red and blue classic color

Using red and blue classic color matching, more youthful vitality

Support two-player sparring

Adopt XD4 engine

The XD4 engine is integrated with all components, the operation is smoother, and the combat effectiveness is stronger

Standard 2 meter noodle

Can be extended to 3.5 meters, high-quality, anti-interference copper wire.

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