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Super Console X3 Plus

Super Console X3 Plus

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1.Plug and play. 64G 90000 games, 128G 95000 games, 256G 114000 games are already built in, you can also add more games yourself. Contains 60 game series, also supports adding more emulators.

2.Three systems in one, Super console x3 plus has built-in the latest EmuELEC4.5 game system + Android TV system + multimedia audio and video system, small but powerful.

3.4K HD Output.HDMI-compatible output to TV, monitor and projector.(Android TV only)

4.Comes with two or four controllers, battery type: 2*AAA batteries (not included). (Buy the version with four controllers, we can give you a USB hub for free, this product supports 4 controllers/players to play games at the same time).

5.The system has built-in 26 languages, including English, Russian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Korean, Japanese, traditional Chinese, etc. You can switch in the system settings.

6.The built-in powerful and balanced S905x3 chip can run PS1/PSP/DC/N64/SS and other simulators perfectly.

7.The built-in uniquely designed cooling fan can keep the temperature of the chip at 50 degrees Celsius, ensuring long-term gaming without lag.

●Package Included

Super console x3 plus*1
Wireless Controller*2
Game card*1
CoreELEC card*1
HD Cable*1
Power Adapter(US/EU/UK/AU)*1
User Manual*1

●114000+Games Plug and play

64G 90000games 128G 95000games 256G 114,000 games have been installed, connect to the TV and play games immediately without complicated operations. Game progress/state can also be saved. These include casual games, exciting games, single player games, multiplayer games, all of which will bring you back to happy childhood memories.

●60+ Emulators Pre-installed

Satisfy all your imagination, Super console x3 plus has built-in countless classic games from dozens of well-known game manufacturers such as PS/Naomi/DC/NDS/CPS/NEOGEO/MD/Sega.

●Upgrade to the latest EmuELEC4.5 game system

The system is more stable and the compatibility has been greatly improved, which will greatly improve your gaming experience.

●Upgrade Amlogic S905X3 Chip

4-core A55 CPU, dual-core Mali-G31 graphics processor. With powerful hardware, all games can run smoothly.

●Uniquely designed cooling fan

Under normal circumstances, the problem of the chip generally exceeds 70 degrees Celsius, and the frequency will be reduced, causing the game to freeze and drop frames. In order to ensure the performance of the game machine, we have designed this cooling fan, which can keep the temperature of the CPU at 50 degrees Celsius, which can ensure that the game is played for a long time without stuttering and the game runs smoothly.

●Built-in three systems

Three systems in one, Super console x3 plus has built-in the latest EmuELEC4.5 game system + Android TV system + multimedia audio and video system, you can play games and watch high-definition movies, small and powerful.

●Supports up to 8K HD output

Support 8K@24fps 4K@60fps
The large-screen output still has very high picture quality to ensure your viewing experience. (Android TV only)

●Gigabit Ethernet

Super console x3 plus Supports 1000M Ethernet,Dual WiFiBT4.0,and USB connections deliverings super fast transfer speeds.

● 2.4G Wireless Controller

Mature 2.4G wireless transmission technology, remote control 10m no latency, no radiation, and a sense of human design.

●Support multi-player

Support 1-5 players, you can enjoy the retro game console with your family and friends.

●Supports 26 languages

Supports 26 languages such as Russian,English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc. You can switch your common language.

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